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Lightsaber Pro is definitely the best place on the Internet to buy your professional lightsaber replicas. We have authentic quality lightsabers in all kind of colors with authentic Star Wars motion sensing sounds making them the most realistic looking lightsaber you can find on the market. These kinds of lightsabers are exact replicas of the lightsaber in the Star Wars movies, the only difference is that they won’t let you deflect laser blasts and they don’t cut through steel doors. On the other hand they are fun to play with for children and Star Wars fans and they are affordable.

The Real Lightsaber

Professional Replica Lightsaber

Professional Replica Lightsaber

In the Star Wars movies the lightsaber is a sword made of metal that uses lasers. This laser light is projected out from the end of the hilt and measures 1.45 yards long. The saber is used in close combat and it can deflect bolts of blasters and cut through virtually every substance with absolutely no resistance.

The Professional Replica Lightsaber

The professional replicas we sell come with built-in motion sensors that can react with various sound effects and defect movement. Even if you hold it still you hear the “idle hum” noise of it.
These kinds of replica lightsabers are the ideal product to possess, they look great on a display stand and when you carry them with you. This Star Wars Weapon is a must buy if you’re a true Star Wars fan, because there’s not a single Star Wars fan who has not ever dreamed or even fantasized about moving a Star Wars lightsaber around in all of its glowing glory.

Additionally it is also a fantastic present for children during the holidays as well as any occasions that warrant gift giving. And no matter what side you play for, Jedi or Sith, there is a lightsaber that will suit you.

May the force be with you!

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