Force FX Lightsaber

Force FX lightsabers are replicas of the Star Wars movies props created originally by Master Replicas with the approval and endorsement by Lucas Films.  The production of these Force FX units was later passed on to Hasbro.  The Force FX is a licensed collectible; it is not a toy to be played with by children below 12 years old.  While the design of the Force FX is loyal to that of the movies prop, it is not considered as an exact replica.  The hilt of the lightsaber has a slightly larger built than the actual prop in the movies, so it can hold the electronic items that control the sound and light effects.

The Force FX lightsabers are gorgeously crafted, and is no doubt the best pretend weapon that you can see in the sci-fi universe.  And there is not an alive Star Wars fan who has not dreamed or fantasized about moving one Force FX lightsaber around in all of its glowing glory.  The Force FX is made of gleaming metal with a very durable polycarbonate blade, and the second you pick it up it feels like a real Star Wars lightsaber.

The Force FX lightsaber sound and light effects

When activated, the Force FX lightsaber blade brightly glows and it reverberates with sound effects digitally recorded from the movies.  The sound effects include power up, idle-hum, clash, swing, and power down.  These sound effects are activated by 5 ultra sensitive motion sensors, 3 of these are located in the blade for extra sensitivity:  2 to detect movement and 1 to detect the impact of the blade. The eye-popping power up/power down light effects are made by a series of 64 bright LEDs that ignite sequentially inside the blade.  The Force FX lightsaber come with a custom designed handsome stand for wall or tabletop display. Now this should excite the inner Jedi in you, because otherwise, nothing else will.

Which Batteries to Use?

AA batteries power the Force FX.  Anakin blue and Darth red lightsabers use 3 while Luke Skywalker green and Mace Windu purple use 6.  Batteries are not included with the purchase.  The Force FX should be in action for several hours on freshly set batteries.  The electronics if properly cared for, should work for several thousand hours.  Once you notice a change in Force FX performance, like reduced volume or brightness, you should change or replace the battery.

The construction of the Force FX lightsaber

The construction of the Force FX lightsaber is very accurate to the movies’ props.  Every tiny detail from the switch on the hilt to the grooves are accurate to the original.  At first sight and feel, it may seem heavier and the hilt is larger, but when you sit it in the display stand which comes with the box, the Force FX lightsaber is a marvel to behold.  The black rubber and chrome metal are fantastic.  And the top which is gun-metal styled, makes the lightsaber look like a high quality product.

The Force FX lightsabers are a fantastic product; they look superb on a display stand, and when you carry them with you.  This piece is a must buy if you are a real Star Wars fan, forgiving it for slight inaccuracy in motion sensing.

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