Green Lightsaber

During the Original Star Wars Trilogy, lightsaber colors had only been red, blue and green. At that time blue and green were colors representing the good, and red was symbolizing the evil. A shared assumption was that a green lightsaber was representing a Jedi Master and blue symbolizes an unskilled Jedi. On the other hand this was proven incorrect in the Original Trilogy and Prequels Trilogy.

Green lightsabers as well as blue lightsabers can’t be associated with power and experience with the Force. But they can be associated on their focus. For example the green blades could indicate that the wielder could be more focused on the force. Other examples can be found in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, a completely new lightsaber was made just for Luke Skywalker, it happens to be colored green. The main goal was to create a blade that can be seen better during the fight scenes in Tatooine (the fictional planet in the Star Wars movies and home planet of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker).

Jedi Consulars, who definitely are a lot more focused on non-violence, wielded a green lightsaber to point out that they want peace and harmony.
Before 1.032 BBY, the colors of the lightsaber blades were related to the types of Jedi. Following that period of time green lightsabers ended up being used by various other characters.
For instance, in the novel and comic book series Knight Errant, Kerra Holt is using a green lightsaber despite the fact that she wasn’t linked to the Jedi Consulars. In the end, this symbolism of various lightsaber colors representing the various classes within the Order wasn’t used anymore.

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