Lightsaber Chopsticks

If you are a Stars Wars fan and a big fan of Asian food you can use Lightsaber Chopsticks that look like your favorite Jedi lightsaber. This will be a complete new way to experience your Asian food. Use your chopsabers to eat your noodle soup.

But what are chopsticks and how are they used in Asia?

Chopsticks are known as the traditional eating utensil in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

  • In Korea they use stainless flat chopsticks with a matching spoon. Traditionaly they were made from brass or silver.
  • In China they use longer chopstick (about 10 inches), and they are made from melamine, wood or lacquered bamboo.
  • In Japan they use wood or bamboo lacquered chopsticks. Women use a shorte chopstick then men.
  • In Vietnam they use, like the Chinese style, chopsticks made from lacquered bamboo or wood.

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