Real lightsaber

Lightsabers in the Star Wars movies are the traditional weapons of the Jedi.  These are glowing light swords that have a capacity to cut the opponent in half or deflect a blaster bolt.  The weapon has been in the imagination of Jedi fans since it featured in the film in 1977.  Real lightsabers have not yet been invented; the technology required to create such an item does not exist yet.  If there would be changes in the future, it is very likely that they would be subject to strictest legal restrictions.

Can a real lightsaber be made?

But can a real lightsaber be made?  The answer is a NO, at the present time.  Here are the reasons.

  • It wouldn’t work, if you consider the sci-fi terms defining what a real lightsaber is made of. George Lucas, who created it for the Star Wars movies, admitted that he was just thinking of fiction and didn’t really know how it would work.
  • It breaks the laws of physics.
  • Lightsabers are made of light, and you can’t make a solid thing out of that. It would just go through anything, but won’t cut or slice.
  • There is just no way to stop the light beam at the end, so it will just defuse.
  • The lightsabers in the movies are not for practical use, rather for theatrical effect.  They act as though they are real, solid objects like steel swords that can hit each other.

Real lightsabers cannot be made.  The closest you can come to it is a plasma torch. Plasma is an ionized gas.  It is any kind of gas and does not matter even if it is air.  Air is gas – when it is ionized, it becomes plasma. When used in lightsabers, it will cut through anything that it hit, but will never work to block lasers or deflect anything for that matter. With today’s technology, there cannot be a way to create a real lightsaber.

Exact copy of a real lightsaber

If you want a lightsaber that looks real and appears to have come out of the Star Wars movies, there are some companies that custom build this weapon.  This is an advanced device, so you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars.  It glows like a real lightsaber and gives off all the right sounds. You can also opt to purchase a replica of the Star Wars lightsaber from the movie.  As in custom-made lightsabers, they are not cheap, but they do look like they are extending out from their handles.  They also produce sounds. These products, though should be used with care, are not very dangerous.

What you should avoid are the highly dangerous lightsaber-like weapons sold from Hong Kong.  This is a very powerful device that can cause instant blindness and can set fire to your skin and other parts of your body.  This product is designed to look like a Star Wars lightsaber, so it should be properly licensed and approved by Lucas Film. The company was asked to stop the sale of the device before it seriously injure the user and other people.

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