Star wars lightsaber

Star Wars Lightsaber

Star Wars Lightsaber

A Star Wars lightsaber is a fictional weapon, an elegant weapon of a more civilized era. This was used in the Star Wars universe, serving as the signature weapon of the order of the Jedi, and their counterparts, the Sith. Both the Jedi order and the Sith can use the lightsaber for combats, or to deflect crude and loud blaster bolts. The weapon’s appearance was created for the original Star Wars movies through roto-scoping, and digitally for use in the prequel trilogy. The lightsaber has appeared in all the famous, original Star Wars films except for one, the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Only a Jedi with an incredible skill and confidence, dexterity and attunement to The Force can carry a Star Wars lightsaber. When in the hands of a Jedi, the lightsaber is almost unstoppable. The weapon can be used to cut through enemies and through blast doors also. When attuned to The Force, a Jedi can know and deflect incoming blaster bolts. He can reflect the bolts back to the firer, or to some things else.

Where is a Star Wars lightsaber made of?

The Star Wars lightsaber is made of a polished metal hilt that can project a 1.33-meter (1.45 yards) long blade of light. The difficult weapon has four components, as follow.

  • Diatium power cell and other components, which give great amount of energy, more tremendous than a blaster bolt.
  • Crystal energy chamber, which is responsible for energy conversion. There are at least 2 crystals in the energy chamber.
  • Energy channel and blade arc tips – This generates the actual lightsaber blade. The energy that flows from the energy chamber is converted to the arc wave. This will turn into the blade. The arc wave flows through the blace energy channel, passing through the cycling field energizers, which are responsible for the resulting gyroscopic effects. The arc wave then makes its way to the arc tip where it becomes visible as the glowing blade of the Star Wars lightsaber.
  • The controls – the on and off switch, also referred to as the activation matrix, also the power adjustment and blade length controls – are located typically near the lightsabers. The owner can tune this blade according to specific applications.

How does a Star Wars lightsaber work?

When you turn on a Star Wars lightsaber, the weapon’s blade will extend to the set length. If you want to, you can adjust the length by using the blade length adjusting knob. The blade of a Star Wars lightsaber will make a sound so distinctive and typical of an arc wave field of energy. In addition, you may feel also a gyroscopic effect on the lightsaber hander. This is, again, a characteristic of the arc wave blade. You may need to get used to this gyroscopic effect, so make it very sure that you handle an active Star Wars lightsaber with extra care, until you get familiar with its handling and feel.

Always remember that a Star Wars lightsaber is not a toy, so always keep it out of reach of children. In most countries lightsaber locks are required. Always make sure that the weapon is always in a safe mode when not in use.

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